About Us

Spaghetti Lab was created to inspire and motivate you to work on creative projects that push the envelope. We hope that the skills you will learn along the way will help you think different, and become an innovator – someone who works hard to improve the world.

We do this by showing you how to use programs and technologies that we believe help achieve this goal through the process of prototyping. Some of the technologies driving this learning are: Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Max and Scratch, which are a mix of hardware and software.

We emphasize the process by which we learn, instead of the tools that we choose to learn with. Learning to work with failure, rather than treat it as a setback is part of this journey.

People of all ages and backgrounds are invited to join us on this mission to have fun, learn lots, and make great things that just might help solve problems for future generations. In a world with an endless supply of toys and candy, parents and educators should appreciate our vision of productivity and positivity.

Founder and Head Chef Noodlebaum aka Elliott Fienberg comes to the Spaghetti Lab from the world of sound art and composing music for video games. An architect of community building, Elliott created the Soundhackers Meetup in 2015 which operates in Toronto and has also hosted an edition in Berlin. Spaghetti Lab and its potential to inspire a new generation of makers and thinkers motivates him to build a successful company.