Bite Sized Learning

Prototyping with electronics can be overwhelming, so we designed a system to get you started slowly. Students start by learning how to wire simple circuits that communicate with the computer. After this stage is complete we send you new “modules” that do more complex things. The goal is for you to focus on learning the basics.

What’s inside the first bowl?

LED Lights
Also known as Light Emitting Diodes. Getting them to blink is one of the first things you will learn.

One of the most essential tools for input, you find these in your keyboard, mouse and most home appliances.

This is a basic light sensor. You can imagine it being used for something like a Theremin project.

This is where you practise basic circuits before moving on to using the larger modules in the kit.

These are one of the most commonly used components. They essentially slow down the flow of electricity.

9V Battery Snap
This powers your Arduino without having to keep it connected to the computer.

Official Arduino Uno Board
The Arduino is like a mini-computer that runs on your imagination. It is technically a ‘micro-controller’, meaning it is only smart enough to read and write simple data. Its limitations make it fantastic for experimenting with projects in the physical world, as it doesn’t have to deal with tasks such as operating systems and playing back YouTube videos.

Finished the challenge?

You will be eligible to unlock Magic Mystery Bowls, which have modules inside that look like:

Servo Motor
A great introduction to learning how we make things move.

A classic method for control, they are also used in robotics.

8 x 8 Matrix
Shows all kinds of data, including text characters.

And More Coming Soon!
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Frequently Asked Questions

What ages is this good for?
While each student is different, there are some skills involved which would suggest that the ages of 10 and up is right. Of course, this platform is also great for adult creators, parents and educators.

How long does the product take to arrive?
We take great care in packaging up the kit to make it fun for you to open. As a result, you can expect it to take up to one month for it to arrive at your doorstep.

What happens if we’re not happy with the experience?
Within 14 days you can send everything back and we’ll give you a full refund. Just make sure everything goes back in the box.